Health tech startups dropped their anchor in Tallinn

12 selected teams from a cruise hackathon E-Boat Bootcamp 2019 gathered in Tallinn 19th of September for the final event to share their journey and show some amazing solutions in healthcare. Piret from Connected Health cluster and our member Kerti (Medikeep) boosted their inspiration with e-solutions in healthcare. 

E-Boat is an accelerator for start-ups with innovative health solutions. The unique program consisted of six weeks of distance learning followed by a two-week cruise and hackathon on the Baltic Sea (Gdansk-Klaipeda-Riga-Stockholm-Tallinn), where participants further developed, validated and fine-tuned their products for launch in the European market. 

Teams already had their pitching competition in Stockholm where 3 winning teams were chosen to participate in “The Health Bootcamp Tour 2019”. 

On 19th September all the teams gathered in Tallinn for the final event to share their journey at Palo Alto Club and showed us some amazing solutions in healthcare. 

Piret Hirv confirmed that it was great to see so many solutions at a good level. “The problems in healthcare are acute and one way to solve them is by innovative solutions. Based on impressions from the meeting, the outlook is rather positive. The atmosphere was full of desire to act and we can only hope, that the solutions presented here will improve the quality and availability of health services shortly,” said Piret. 

E-Boat Bootcamp 2019 is funded by EIT Health.

Teams participating:

Pearl Fertility –

Neumind  –

Challenge Coach –   

Neuroactive AI –

HumanITcare –

Taiacare –

Jaisy –

NutriCareLife  – 

Wiring technologies (project Habeats) –

Medaid –

Ortomed –

Zana Technologies –

There are 2 Estonian startups among the 12 teams mentioned. One of them is member of Connected Health cluster Medaid:

Medaid has found that there’s a lot of resources wasted in the primary care sector. which is why they are building a software platform for the primary care physicians to help them to manage their patients more efficiently.

Neuroactive AI
Hemochromatosis is a hereditary condition that causes excess iron levels in the blood. If untreated, it can lead to potentially serious health problems such as liver disease, heart abnormalities, and diabetes. Neuroactive AI is developing an app that will predict the risk of an individual developing this condition, taking into account both genetic and lifestyle factors.