Large trade fairs create the opportunity to get your foot in the door

The world’s largest trade fairs are an opportunity for companies that are looking towards export markets and see potential in the US market. Why would a company consider going to trade fairs and what kind of experience do Estonian companies have in participating in a joint stand?

According to Head of the Connected Health Cluster Piret Hirv, each company looking towards export markets asks itself at one point: is the US market suitable for me, would this be the missing puzzle piece for increasing export, are there buyers for my product?

One way to get started and get your questions answered is with large trade fairs, for example BIO International Convention, one of the world’s largest biotechnology trade fairs. The event brings together leading companies in the field, biotechnology centres, academic institutions and visionaries.

Piret Hirv recommends considering participation in trade fairs, as there are various ways to benefit from this: upon participating in Enterprise Estonia’s joint stand showcasing Estonian biotech companies, it is possible to introduce your company to potential partners, clients and investors.  Also at the trade fair, you can agree on one-on-one meetings with potential new partners.

Experience of Estonian companies

Estonian companies have participated in BIO with Enterprise Estonia’s joint stand twice now. Joint participation gives a new company a sense of security, as others have participation experience, but sharing costs is important too.

According to CEO of Quretex Margus Jäger, this is one of the largest biotechnology trade fairs, bringing together a variety of companies from all over the world. “This enables each company to reach its target group as well as niche companies which are otherwise difficult to find,” says Jäger. “Upon using the web platform, it is possible to agree in advance on meetings, which considerably increases the benefit gained.

Quretec has participated in BIO for the last three years and has achieved real contracts.”

According to CEO of Nanobot Medical Andrii Koniukh, the trade fair provides a great opportunity to meet experts from all over the world, pitch your ideas and create new business contacts. For Nanobot, the investments in participation have paid off, as they have reached a contract. “This might have been a lucky chance,” he says, “but we also gained many new contacts and created new relations with companies that actually need our services in the future. Immediate sales should not be expected, but this is a place where you can meet customers face to face and start long-term business relations.”

The last few spots are available for the Estonian joint stand in BIO 2020 taking place in San Diego in six months. Let us know about your interest during November by submitting a request HERE (in Estonian) or write an e-mail.