Bait Partner

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Tallinn, Estonia


Creating and manufacturing solutions for operating room medical device control, imaging and pathology image management workflow.

Bait Partner is the designer and manufacturer of the ORNet product family since 2009.

Solutions like ORNet Surgery –  scalable, operating room device integration and management system;  ORNet Capture for imaging and image management that also includes video and audio recording;  ORNet Pathology for macro and anatomical pathology workflow

make up the core of our business. All solutions have integration with RIS, HIS and PACS systems.

We take pride in being the first ones to bring to market a fully certified medical solution for medical device integration and image/audio/video management that is not tied to any particular input-output devices or brands.

Our team consists of highly skilled specialists with decades of experience as well as young freshly graduated talents to ensure constant flow of fresh ideas and further development.

Audited by TÜV Nord, we are guided by quality systems in product development, manufacture, sales and installation of medical solutions.


Design and execution of modern integrated OR management and pathology solutions

Areas of activity:

Public and private hospitals, laboratories, forensic scientists

Completed projects:

Over 150 integrated operation rooms.