Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies (CFFT)

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Interdisciplinary center that is uniquely qualified for carrying out applied research, product development and full solutions in the areas of food and fermentation technologies applying systems biology and synthetic biology methods


Bioprocess optimization, technology development, bacterial sequencing, routine analyses and method development in analytics, modelling bioprocesses

Areas of activity:

Fermentation (e.g. lactic acid bacteria, yeasts), cell cultivation, food technology (frozen food, drinks, bread, dairy, etc.), sensorics, software development

Export markets:

Canada, France, Finland, Latvia

Completed projects:

Development of optimized production processes of special yeasts and lactic acid bacteria;

software for the control of cultivation processes of cells and for the modeling of bacterial metabolism;

application of three dimensional front–face fluoresence spectrometry for rapid identification of food products and their quality;

application of omics–methods for the monitoring and development of novel cheeses from milk proteins and concentrated milk;

fibres role in healthy nutrition;

stable consortia of microorganisms developed in continuous cultivations

Major clients:

DuPont, Santa Maria, Lallemand, Valio

Cooperation partners:

Many international and local companies and universities, e.g. Tallinn University of Technology, Tartu University, ELIKO, Estiko Plastar, Estonian University of Life Sciences