Estonia, Switzerland (HQ), USA, United Kingdom, Singapore


The only solution to date that facilitates access to most sensitive data by multiple stakeholders with unlimited scale while preserving total oversight and control – not hackers, not system administrators, and not even the government itself can manipulate the data and get away with it


Health platform HSX has APIs for consent, provenance, integrity, access enabling in-house application development or integration with 3rd party applications to provide intelligent data access and visibility, decentralized data access for outcome based contracting, pharma supply-chain accountability and visibility, innovative clinical trials, patient engagement for care quality

Areas of activity:

Healthcare and life sciences, Electronic identity, Cybersecurity, Artificial intelligence, Civilian space, Cloud security, Quantum-proof applications, Manufacturing / supply chain, GDPR, Data Integrity, Data Rights Management etc. More information:

Completed projects:

  • Guardtime Helium – world’s first completely independent data processing transparency and oversight platform for large scale medical and genomic data access (in partnership with Estonian Biobank).
  • Securing nationwide (Estonia) health records and their usage with immutable KSI blockchain solution.
  • World’s first blockchain-supported Personal Care Record Platform (MyPCR) in partnership with Instant Access Medical and Healthcare Gateway in the UK.