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Nanobot OÜ is a medical animation studio that develops innovative digital graphics by blending science and art of high technologies. We deliver visually engaging digital solutions to pharmaceutical and biotech industries to put a tech twist on their marketing and education strategies.

Nanobot provides all possible tools for visual storytelling: scientifically accurate 3D medical animations and illustrations, VR/AR/MR, Fulldome videos and hololens apps. Our creative team of 3D artists under the watchful eye of our in-house medical experts makes sure that each detail is in place and every Client’s comment is taken into account.

Our mission statement is to communicate science to the general audience by combining compelling graphics with authentic storytelling. We transform dry medical information into digital content that captures the attention of even the most savviest consumers.

If you have troubles visualizing any abstract idea, concept, or device- then Nanobot OÜ is the right place for turning your idea into a successful state-of-art project.