Unique science based device and approach in aquatic physical therapy: whole body movements with horizontally supported body trunk in warm water environment. It creates unique level of relaxation and increased circulation providing immediate relief to tensions and pain. Swimitation enables efficient and effortless slow muscles tissues and stabilising muscles training because the strength muscles’ work is minimised and movements are controlled. These aspects are important e.g. in the following areas: athletes muscle and joints recovery and prevention; physical therapy: keeping the right biomechanics (musco-sceletal); back pain and other issues caused by forced position in work; rheumatic and cardio-vascular diseases recovery; neurological diseases rehabilitation (MS and other); stress and depression; metabolism activation, etc.


Swimitation is a patented physiotherapy/fitness and relaxation bath, which differs from other Hubbard baths because the bath’s patented ergonomic seat keeps the user still, enabling whole body movement. The users follow exercises videos from a screen attached to a ceiling; example session.

Areas of activity:

Aquatic Physical Therapy, Work Wellbeing, Fitness, Athlete Recovery, Wellness, Home Spas.