Thorgate is a group of IT and growth companies aiming to change the world with technology. Leading companies hire them to find million-dollar opportunities, build savvy digital products and create hockey-stick growth. Nine years, more than 20 awards and +150 projects under our belt, the company has grown into a dedicated team ready to change the world. Thorgate loves to help best-in-class companies to automate processes, minimize costs, boost sales and customer engagement through digital products.






HQ – Tallinn, London, Oslo


Leading Python development house in the Nordics. Besides product development, we are active startup investors and mentors.

Services/ Products:

Lean Requirements Workshop, Design Sprint, Digital product development, Data Science, support and software integration

Areas of activity:

Health Tech, Industry 4.0, IoT, AI/ML, Data Science, Logistics, eCommerce, Forestry

Export markets:

Estonia, Norway, UK, USA, Denmark, Switzerland, Kazakhstan

Completed projects:

– HealX is accelerating treatments for rare diseases. Thorgate helped to build a data gathering and management platform to carry out drug repurposing through artificial intelligence (AI).

– Health Tech Solutions – TXP Chat. Organ transplant communication made easy. It’s the only secure, HIPAA-compliant communication system dedicated to the unique needs of Transplant Centers and Organ Procurement Organizations. After 3 months of going live, we had already saved 30+ people lives

– ODI Medical is developing technology for bedside for evaluation of the circulatory failure based on the assessment of the microcirculation.Currently we’re building a video annotation tool that automates processes and allows their users (doctors, researchers) to analyse videos and draw shapes in case of peculiar activities