Digital mental wellness gym – B2B e-trainings on human capacity in English (available over the internet around the globe 24/7).

Areas of activity:

Digital trainings on intra-personal skills and pro-active mental wellness.

Target groups/clients:

Companies where work is mentally and emotionally demanding, where employees need to have resilience and mental fitness. Also service providers who want to offer pro-active mental wellness programs for their clients (such as insurance companies, universities and health care providers). Our clients are banks (Danske Bank), IT and media companies (Fortumo, FCR Media), companies with global office networks (Hurtigruten, Abbvie) etc.


Wellness Orbit e-trainings introduce a new, hybrid understanding on human capacity bridging together competencies originating from medicine, awareness/mindfulness and entrepreneurship/business. The trainings are designed to foster resilience, self-leadership, initiative, creativity and personal responsibility. All e- trainings are conducted personally by our founder Dr Helena Lass – a medical doctor (psychiatrist), awareness practitioner and entrepreneur. By using a custom programmed e-learning platform, we have skillfully combined Full HD videos, self-evaluation questionnaires and other active tools (such as Workbooks). Now people can access top-quality and professional trainings to change their habits as well as reactions anytime and anywhere with a very affordable price per participant.