Panasonic Avionics partners with Detalytics for personalized travel health solutions

Detalytics is the leading provider of AI in healthcare and human factor solutions for health, risk and performance management.

“As air travel becomes more frequent and the routes get longer, whether traveling for business or for leisure, travelers need a personalized solution that is based on science and yet is simple to use to help them reduce the impact of jet lag during their travel continuum,” said Dr. Florence Jennings, Co-founder of Detalytics.

“Detalytics’ jet lag optimization solution takes into consideration each individual passenger’s tolerance to and risk of jet lag, before generating personalized and specific scores relative to the route.  By integrating this solution into Panasonic’ inflight system, passengers will be able to view their Personal Jet Lag Impact Score and follow a real-time advisory in meal/hydration time, activities reminder, rest period and ambient settings to help them minimize the impact of jet lag.  On the other hand, with this insight of their passengers’ requirements, airlines will be able to deliver totally new level of premium services that are truly personalized and aligned to their priority passengers’ needs.”