Nanobot: We are “young and hungry”

Nanobot was born out of the idea to communicate science effectively – to tell impressive stories but do so briefly, and in a way, nobody else does. The founders of the company believe that it might take some time to conquer the world, but they are certainly up to claiming a share of their market.

If you need some astounding digital solutions for your pitch or presentation, you should check out Nanobot Medical Animation Studio.

“We are a scientific storytelling company specializing in visually engaging digital solutions, like scientific VR/AR/MR, 3D medical animations or illustrations, and the application of HoloLens for innovative marketing and training or education strategies,” explains Andrii Koniukh, CEO of Nanobot.

Our innovative approaches to communicating the science of products or devices to nonexperts (patients, stakeholders, customers, investors, partners) | experts (HCP’s, KOL’s, scientists, etc.) in a simple way is what makes us unique. We work with biotech, and medical device start-ups as well, to prepare their pitch and mark their presence at a conference.

Showing the beauty of science

Andrii Koniukh and Yuriy Svidinenko started the company in 2014. “At that time, I was working for a salesforce partner, selling different solutions to pharmaceutical companies. I saw Yuriy’s videos and thought it might be an interesting niche for pharmaceutical companies. We can develop short videos to explain the MoA (pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics) of a product.

From my years of experience, I have learned that pharmaceutical companies are always in need of something different to create an impression. We came up with an idea of shrinking their official 15-minute product presentation into a 1.5-minute video. This will allow a company to differentiate itself from others as well as build a strong network among HCPs, KOL’s and around the brand itself. A timesaving medium that will contribute to marketing, education, as well as brand differentiation strategies.

“Yuriy was already an experienced medical animator in the US, and we decided to enter this new market together. My task was to organize all the services and provide him with a marketing and sales strategy. His job was to craft those beautiful animated videos,” says Koniukh.

Before joining Nanobot, Koniukh was the COO of the Ukraine Medical Association. “One of the fields I helped in was scientific conferences. From that period, I gained experience with pharmaceutical companies. I possess a deep understanding of problems in pharmaceutical marketing and sales. It was about understanding the industry,” he says.

Nanobot’s main clients are the pharmaceutical and biotech companies. “Our clients range from the major medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry to small startups, educational institutes, medical marketing companies, and healthcare agencies globally, “Koniukh says.

The US market – Our current priority

At the moment, Koniukh and Svidinenko’s eyes are on the US market, but at the same time, they continue to look for partners and clients in Europe. “In the US, we are talking more with biotech start-ups, companies that develop their products and sell their molecules to other companies. Our last project was for FDA-approved medical devices, new molecules. We are helping biotech start-ups to gain more initial capital – we help communicate the science of their product to investors. Not all investors have a scientific background or deep understanding of a certain drug or molecule. On the other hand, they just do not have enough time. We help start-ups to create an impressive effect using video to explain their relevance,” Koniukh explains.

“There are a lot of cool companies. We are not the only one,” Koniukh admits. However, the first steps to conquering the world have already been made: “This year we won two prizes for our videos created for a German company. One of them was, for example, the Award of Distinction from the Annual Communicator Awards.”

Nanorobots gave birth to the company

“Yuriy Svidinenko, as a scientist, was fond of nanotechnology and once, when writing an academic article, he created a 3D model for nanorobots. Then he decided to make videos, just for fun, to support his article. He then posted them on YouTube. He gained a lot of attention. Even National Geographic bought the rights for the video. In 2010, nobody was developing such videos; it was too futuristic at that time. So initially the company was named Nanobotmodels, but we rebranded it,” Koniukh recalls.

Koniukh and Svidinenko are the heads and owners of Nanobot. Their team is worldwide, with offices in Ukraine, Russia, the USA, and Estonia. The team consists of 17 employees. Most of their staff is based in Ukraine – that makes it possible to cut down on production costs.

Nanobot has the desire to grow, yet it has the advantage of a start-up because the company is flexible. At the same time, it invests a lot of time in preparation. “Well, we are young and hungry, as Steve Jobs said,” Koniukh says.