Nova Vita: among leading fertility clinics in Northern Europe

Nova Vita Clinic investigates the reasons for infertility, provides modern in vitro fertilization methods and offers pregnancy monitoring services. The growth of the embryo into a baby is safeguarded every step of the way.

Nova Vita Clinic opened its doors in 1995 and over 2,200 babies have been born with the help and assistance of the clinic ́s professional team. Nova Vita ́s general manager Karin Rosenstein notes that the clinic primarily offers infertility diagnostics and in vitro fertilization services, but it also has its own egg and sperm bank where people can store their germ cells. The bio-bank also contains donor eggs and donor sperm that can be used by those couples who no longer have their own germ cells or whose cells’ quality has substantially deteriorated,” says Rosenstein.

“Our clinic’s strength lies in the long-term experience of our medical staff coupled with the highest quality standards in our IVF laboratory,” says Rosenstein. She adds, “Our IVF laboratory is the only ISO15189-certified medical lab in Estonia. This certificate recognises high quality standards in the laboratory and is proof that the lab’s processes meet all the requirements for quality and competence. It regulates, among other things, processes and lab conditions, equipment maintenance and measurements of IVF results. More discerning patients have started to appreciate our certificate a lot, and this has become one of the key criteria for some patients choosing our clinic.”

“Our long-term goal is to rank among the best of European IVF clinics and to this end, we have equipped our laboratory with world-class technology. We continue to contribute to the development of our medical staff. We have established close cooperation with Ovumia Fertinova, a group of partner clinics in Finland, and we continuously exchange the best IVF practices with our colleagues overseas,” she adds.

Our long-term goal is to rank among the best of European IVF clinics and to this end, we have equipped our laboratory with world-class technology.

Each year Nova Vita performs about 300-400 in vitro fertilization and intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection procedures and approximately 150 frozen embryo transfers. The capability of the lab and number of employees must be well balanced in order to plan future IVF procedures. It is important to ensure stable laboratory conditions and good working discipline.

“Nova Vita is a private IVF clinic which has a longstanding partner-ship with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. The costs of services related to embryo transplantation and artificial insemination shall be funded from the state budget for a patient of up to 40 years of age. At the moment, 90% of the clinic’s patients come from Estonia, but we hope that the percentage of foreign patients will grow in the near future. At Nova Vita we can offer effective infertility treatment at more affordable prices than in many advanced European countries. The IVF-related regulations in Estonia are more patient friendly too. For example, in some countries embryos are not allowed to be frozen, or the use of donor germ cells is prohibited. Right now, our foreign patients are mainly from Fin-land and other Scandinavian countries, but we are also being contacted from further away,” says Rosenstein.

Cooperation with cluster members in attempt to develop new solutions

With the help of the Connected Health cluster, Nova Vita seeks to find new partners in Estonia and abroad with the aim to develop new and innovative solutions to make the clinic’s day-to-day work more efficient and the service more convenient for patients.

“We’re looking for solutions to raise fertility awareness among our customers. It is important for people to have a better understanding about their fertility matters and the factors which might contribute adversely to that. We aim to develop different IT solutions which can support and enhance information sharing and per-haps make complex issues more easily understandable for our patients,” says Rosenstein. “In addition, new technology solutions could help us coordinate and organise better communication lines with our customers by issuing early reminders of treatment plans but also keep us informed about lab conditions, thereby helping us promptly address potential problems. We’ve already launched cooperation with some cluster partners in these fields.”

Babies made with love and science

Nova Vita clinic was the first employer Karin started to work for after graduating from the university. At Nova Vita, she first assumed a clinical embryologist position and coordinated research projects and later worked as a quality manager. Before becoming the general manager of the clinic, she successfully defended her doctorate degree. The topic of her research was to investigate the role of female sex hormones in the regulation of embryo implantation.

Our team always gives its best to help childless couples to have a long-awaited child.

“It’s important for me that the work of Nova Vita has a very positive and practical outcome. Our team always gives its best to help childless couples to have a long-awaited child,” she says.