Join Migraine Innovation Challenge and Hack 30 November – 2 December in Estonia

The Migraine Innovation Challenge aims to find digital health solutions to support people living with migraine and their medical teams.

The competition is an initiative of the Estonian Headache Society, organized by the Estonian health technology cluster Connected Health and supported by Novartis.

We would like to invite developers, entrepreneurs, startups, designers, and other professionals to take part in the competition. Students and researchers are also welcome. Come and put yourself to the test by solving real problems in healthcare!

We also encourage subject matter experts to come along: people living with migraines and healthcare practitioners. We want the solutions to be developed not only for you but together with you!

You can join the competition in two ways:

– by submitting your idea for a solution (and a team), or

– by just registering to the hackathon and then joining one of the teams, acting as a mentor or just observing.

The deadline for registration for both options is 27th of November.

We welcome participants both from Estonia and from other countries; solutions innovative in Estonia’s context as well as revolutionary in the bigger picture; excellent ideas as well as already existing solutions looking for testing or adoption opportunities in the migraine area or in the Estonian market.

The competition culminates with a hackathon held from the 30th of November to December 2nd in Tallinn. The hackathon offers you a unique opportunity to proceed from an idea to an initial solution (MVP) only with a weekend, co-create it with the mentors and “problem owners” and pitch to the key healthcare market players.

As a result of the competition we expect that 2-3 perspective solutions will emerge, worthy to invest by the organizers and deploy in Estonia and beyond.

Submit your idea or register: here!

The hackathon is a side-event of the international migraine conference organised by the Estonian Headache Society in collaboration with the European Headache Federation, held on November 30.

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